Our student support team is available whenever you need them. And the country’s engineers deliver a staggering return on this investment. Investment in engineering in the UK is significant. It is concerned with the design and the maintenance of civil building including roads, bridges, pipeline systems and many others. Engineers and technicians are the most in demand jobs in the world. One of the reasons that studying engineering in the UK is so appealing to international students is the significant level of support available here for students facing the challenges of studying far from home. Engineering has the power to change, evolve and improve. Entry requirements; Dates & Fees; Results and destinations; Europe. Because your degree will generally take less time to complete in the UK than in other countries, you could save money compared to a US school. The School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh offers the coveted BEng Computer Science and BEng Software Engineering degrees. It can secure our digital futures, innovate in the use of pioneering health techniques and improve our chances in the fight against climate change. If you are the kind of person who craves a lavish and exuberant lifestyle … Studying engineering in the UK gives you the opportunity to fast-track your English language learning. However, this could vary depending on your specialism. Higher education is expensive, but you’ll be pleased to know that tuition fees are less expensive in the UK than in the US. Coming from a developing country, I have always been interested in how infrastructure and … It’ll help you make sure you’ve sorted everything you need before you go and then has tips on having the best time once you’re here. There are graduate schemes, work placements and a wide range of businesses looking for engineering graduates. You’ll receive a particularly great welcome from Newcastle University if you choose to study here. As a graduate of engineering, you will have a variety of career paths to choose from. The UK has produced some of the world’s best engineers, such as George Stephenson who invented the steam locomotive train and influenced railways that we use today. There is also the option to continue your studies and work towards certified roles such as a chartered engineer. A career in Civil Engineering can (literally) take you anywhere. Studying a degree in another country is exciting and an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll already have a good understanding of the English language but study in the UK and you’ll use it every single day. In engineering careers there is a guarantee of change and evolution, which means that engineering students never have to worry about doing the same thing year after year. Typically, an engineering career path will see you start as a junior engineer, before progressing to more senior roles. Within the wide boundaries of the engineering profession there are thousands of challenging activities in areas such as research, development, design, … A growth in technology and need to use energy more efficiently means there will always be demand for electrical engineering graduates. We’re one of the top engineering universities in the UK and we’re proud to continue the region’s rich history of innovation. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(5025575, '10bd742c-2e03-4db6-a0ff-db53a63f8ec0', {}); Newcastle UniversityNewcastle upon TyneNE1 7RU, The facilities you’ll use are state-of-the-art, 86% of our research is world-leading or ‘internationally excellent, Fantastic career opportunities after you’ve graduated, One of the top engineering universities in the UK. This level of return on investment shows that Britain runs one of the most efficient and effective research operations in the world. Three of the top ten universities in the world for engineering and technology teaching are in the UK. Studying engineering in the UK gives you the opportunity to fast-track your English language learning. Possessing a strong grasp of English stands engineering graduates in good stead for future employment and research positions, opening up their career pathways on a global scale. Electrical Engineering. Study at Queen’s Improve the world you live in through Engineering. Because 86% of our research is world-leading or ‘internationally excellent’, the work you carry out while studying will be recognised by employers all over the world. Read more about studying in the US In reality, there is a diverse range of places to study in the US, all governed by separate state law… The UK is a fantastic destination for you to study an engineering degree, but before you apply, there’s a lot you’ll need to do. Cheaper Tuition in the UK. Challenging Work. The education will provide you with a solid fou… Each year businesses invest about £9.5bn a year on engineering research and development in the UK, with the Government spending about £1.5bn to £3.1bn. You’ll be studying in English, living in an English-speaking country and your English language skills will develop at a rapid pace. They can help you with general advice, budgeting and anything else you might want to talk about. The study of nanotechnologies and bioengineering will provide you with knowledge of research areas that are seen as most promising in the scientific community. Thousands of international students choose to do so each year – so what is it that makes the UK so enticing? According to an independent study by Technopolis, engineering research in the UK is the world leader in productivity and second in terms of technical excellence. You will be welcomed with open arms. The UK is a fantastic destination for you to study an engineering degree, but before you apply, there’s a lot you’ll need to do. We’ve created a free study abroad starter guide that’s filled with important information and advice. Throughout your degree, you’ll benefit from Newcastle University’s many partnerships with global engineering giants like Dyson and Siemens. International students come from all over the world each year to study in the UK because of the amazing universities and the welcome they receive. Mechanical engineers are responsible for many of the … Course duration for Masters in UK universities is only 1 year (mostly), which will save both my time and money. And it also has more in the top ten of the Times Higher Education Supplement than any other country in the world. Some areas are in more demand than others, such as aerospace, … You will most likely become an engineer, followed by a senior engineer, principal engineer and finally a director of engineering. This collaborative project has been set up to showcase the fantastic contribution international students make to the UK, as well as improving support for international students across the country’s universities, colleges and language centres. It’s never too early to think about your future career. Within the wide boundaries of the engineering profession there are thousands of challenging activities in areas such as research, development, design, … Over 2.65 million UK engineering jobs need filling by 2024 so we need more people like you to become engineers. The United Kingdom has universities in nearly every city, … This valuable experience and the network opportunities available will help you be successful in your future career. Engineering is not just about ‘fixing things’ it is about understanding how, and why things work. … The facilities you’ll use are state-of-the-art, ranging from microbiology laboratories to marine technology tanks. You’ll get to know specific engineering terms in English and be able to talk perfectly about any specific topic. Why study science and engineering in the UK? But what does that really mean in practice? English is adopted all over the world as the language of business so employers are keen to find candidates with excellent English language skills. But before you apply, make sure you know everything you need to. Student Population. Introduction to Engineering The UK has some of the best and highest ranked engineering schools in the world. Help create the future, rather than react to it. You’ll be studying in English, living in an English-speaking country and your English language skills will develop at a rapid pace. Deciding to study abroad is a big decision. Here in Newcastle, explore the Victoria Tunnel and see how it’s been used over the years. Mechanical engineering is the broadest of the engineering subjects, giving you an insight into the others, and giving you the most wide-ranging career options. In the UK’s universities and international colleges, the focus is not just on theory, but on real-world applications as well. There are a range of engineering undergraduate courses for you to choose from, including chemical, civil, mechanical and marine technology. Although four-year programs are increasing in popularity, most degree programs in the UK are three years, and a masters … This alone is enough to make it the number one choice for international students. Find out why and where you should study engineering in London with this subject guide. Civil Engineering is an interesting study field. You’ll find a wide choice of international colleges in the UK, like the University of Sheffield’s, that have been set up specifically to address these unique challenges. General Engineering courses allow you to keep your options open for your first year of undergraduate study, or in some cases throughout your entire course, as you study topics from across all engineering disciplines. Essential information about studying abroad If you’re thinking about studying abroad, then we know you’ll have a lot of questions. The UK is a great place to study – not only is the education of a very high standard, but there are so many opportunities and things to do here. It’s the language of business and you’ll be expected to know it if you want to apply for a job at an international organisation. Engineering offers lots of different career paths, especially in the UK. In the UK, engineers are in high demand, creating a wide range of employment opportunities for international students. Chat live with one of our advisers and get answers today. You could use your skills to design, build and test electronic systems in many different industries, including robotics, power, computing and aerospace. Many of the skills that engineers hone and … Learn about how things work Engineers are involved in all aspects of designing, building and testing new technologies and products. Newcastle University is the perfect place for you to study. You’ll develop the skills and knowledge needed to have a successful career as an engineer. The method of teaching in the UK allows students to mix theory with practise, for a more in-depth, better-rounded education. By studying a degree in engineering, you will have excellent career prospects after graduation. It’s the perfect place to study engineering thanks to the world-class universities and amazing career opportunities that are available. If you decide to get your education in the UK, your degree will be recognized and respected, no matter where you end up being employed. Hands-on experience and the kind of tailored teaching that enables student creativity not only results in a more exciting and engaging learning experience, it also prepares students fully for the practical demands of the post-grad workplace. The academic benefits are probably the main reason why studying in the UK could be the best decision you can take in your life. The UK has a well-earned reputation for world-class universities. Newcastle University > The International Study Blog. UK society is made up of cultures from all over the world which is why it’s so vibrant and diverse. UK is also one of the largest destinations for international students, providing the high quality study for value of money. Why the USA? The U.S. education system; Visa information; Campuses. Depending on the type of engineering you want to specialise in, you could work in many different roles. The four main types of engineering you could follow are: There are also a range of other engineering specialisms which are usually a combination of the main areas of engineering. We know that only around 70 per cent of those who study engineering go on to work for a company whose primary activity is engineering (according to the Higher Education Statistics Authority). The University of Sheffield Students’ Union launched the award-winning We Are International campaign. University of Edinburgh is consistently ranked among the Top-20 universities of the world. Engineering in UK: The cost of an engineering programme is a major element influencing the decision of an international student while researching for engineering colleges. If you’re looking to study a program at one of the top higher education institutions at a price that doesn’t exceed your budget – check out our UK partners. Engineering Opens Doors for Professional Advancement. First, to transport coal and then as an air shelter. Introduction to Engineering The UK has some of the best and highest ranked engineering schools in the world. Britain has produced many of the world’s most famous scientists and engineers. It brings financial security. A UK engineering degree allows you to begin building a solid understanding of the essentials from day one. All three countries say they have a good reputation for quality higher education. The USA has more universities than any other country in the world.
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