The term Information Infrastructure (II) is useful as a collective term for present networks (i.e. Looking for research materials? (including all of the information technology related equipment) used to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control, or support IT services. The Cyber Bill defines it very broadly. Infrastructure is a term architects, engineers, and urban planners use to describe essential facilities, services, and organizational structures for communal use, most commonly by residents of cities and towns. In order to host services and applications in the cloud, you need cloud infrastructure. Information Technology Infrastructure is the combination of all hardware, software, networks, applications and database of an organisation that supports and maintains the IT services of an organisation. The term was introduced with the National Information Infrastructure initiative launched by the Clinton Administration in 1994. According to the Hyperdictionary: national information infrastructure (NII, or '[ information superhighway')]: Terrorism Questions & Answers: Information Infrastructure, Council on Foreign Relations in cooperation with the Markle Foundation. Thus, CISA plays a vital role in sharing information with both public and private sector partners that is essential to the nation’s security and resilience. The information infrastructure is a global network of people, organizations, agencies, policies, processes, and technologies organized in a loosely coordinated system to enhance the creation, production, dissemination, organization, storage, retrieval, and preservation of information and knowledge for people. Search inside this book for more research materials. ITIL includes practices, checklists, tasks and procedures documenting the role of the ITSM function. These include software, composite hardware, network services, and resources. The term suggests foundational services upon which many information technologies are built. With business globalization, an organization’s … Known as the information system infrastructure, the foundation consists of core telecommunications networks, databases and data warehouses, software, hardware, and procedures managed by various specialists. U.S., prefer the term 'global information infrastructure' (GII), in order to emphasise the interconnectedness of the network, of countries and of people."[1]. The Internet is the phenomenon that has driven the debate to date. Terrorism Questions & Answers: Information Infrastructure, Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure is a term used to describe the components needed for cloud computing, which includes hardware, abstracted resources, storage, and network resources. Sometimes called a network of networks, the GII would eventually make all electronically stored or transmitted information accessible from anywhere on the planet. Learn more. What is IT infrastructure? Information infrastructure is a technical structure of an organizational form. "The term information infrastructure (II) refers to the communications networks and associated software that support interaction among people and organisations. Network infrastructure is a category of information technology that is used to provide network services that allow devices to connect and communicate. The data center hardware infrastructure usually involves servers; storage subsystems; networking devices, like switches, routers and physical cabling; and dedicated network appliances, such as network firewalls. 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About the Author: A graduate of Mississippi State University, Ron Gant, P.E., is a BIM expert with four decades of experience in infrastructure construction and civil engineering. complementary institutional e.g. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a series of books that describe methods for implementing and managing information technology (IT) services. Information infrastructure "The term information infrastructure (II) refers to the communications networks and associated software that support interaction among people and organisations. An element of IFT, which is made up by all knowledge already gained on the topic under consideration. What is Information Infrastructure. This is the system of public and private communications networks, interactive capabilities, hardware, software, computers, and consumer electronics that provide. You may be wondering whether you have anything that can be declared as a Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). IT infrastructure can be deployed within a cloud computing system, or within an organization's own facilities. Think of cloud infrastructure as the tools needed to build a cloud. Information Technology (IT) infrastructure management - not to be confused with the broad responsibilities of IT management - is the administration and management of essential operational elements to effectively, efficiently, and proactively utilize technology, information, and data. To Support Customers in Easily and Affordably Obtaining the Latest Peer-Reviewed Research, Structures both ICT and traditional based to meet the. The term infrastructure in an information technology (IT) context refers to an enterprise's entire collection of hardware, software, networks, data centers, facilities and related equipment used to develop, test, operate, monitor, manage and/or support information technology services. When an event or attack occurs that affects our nation’s critical infrastructure, every second makes a difference. The global information infrastructure (GII) is the developing communications framework intended to eventually connect all telecommunications and computer networks world-wide. that are used to send and receive information…. This includes foundational networking hardware, software, services and facilities. IT infrastructure refers to the composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment. information infrastructure meaning: the computers, systems, software, etc. Manufacturing information infrastructure refers to the computing and communications facilities and services needed to facilitate, manage, and enable efficient manufacturing; key elements include database and information management systems, data communications networks and associated services, and management of applications software. 1. Information infrastructure involves more than the building of faster and larger computers and the creation of faster and better communications networks. infrastructure information technology in diverse . IT infrastructure refers to the composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment. Thinking of infrastructure in this manner enables effective conversations with those who are less familiar with the various components.The term IT infrastructure is defined in ITIL as a combined set of hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc. Information infrastructure are the basic physical and non-physical structures that support information technology. Information Sharing. Information technology (IT) infrastructure are the components required to operate and manage enterprise IT environments. An infrastructure that supports the information society: the equipment, systems, applications, support systems, and so forth that are needed for operating in the information society. Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I or v2i) is a communication model that allows vehicles to share information with the components that support a country's highway system. The infrastructure enables organizations to deliver services and solutions to customers, partners, and employees. Infrastructure is the general term for the basic physical systems of a business, region, or nation. The Internet is the phenomenon that has driven the debate to date. Such components include overhead RFID readers and cameras, traffic lights, lane markers, streetlights, signage and … Management information system (MIS) refers to a large infrastructure used by a business or corporation, whereas information technology (IT) is one component of that infrastructure … laws and norms concerning security . infrastructure of information systems and data . IT infrastructure refers to various components required to run IT and IT-enabled operations. Data center infrastructure often includes the power, cooling and building elements necessary to support data center hardware. Global Information Infrastructure (GII) can be defined as a seamless web of interactive communications being deployed at a world-wide level to provide the infrastructure for new services and activities based on the strategic use of all types information. Many people, in and beyond the I like to think of infrastructure as everything from wall jack to wall jack. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a widely accepted best practices framework for IT service management (ITSM). The IT Infrastructure Library ... that codified best practices in information technology accumulated from many sources (including vendors' best practices) around the world. The essence of information infrastructure is a diverse array of high-level information services, provided in an environment of pervasive computing and computer communications. categories . The Report of the Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights, National Information Infrastructure Legislation and Information (1995), Additional Articles, Analysis, and Papers, The Global Information Infrastructure (1995-2001), Harvard Information Infrastructure Project, Global Information Infrastructure Commission, Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS), The Role of Government in the Evolution of the Internet, A Net of Control Unthinkable: How the Internet could become a tool of corporate and government power, based on updates now in the works,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. IT infrastructure allows an organization to deliver IT solutions and services to its employees, partners and/or customers and is usually internal to an organization and deployed within owned facilities. "The term 'national information infrastructure (NII)' was popularised in the mid-1990s by American Vice-President Al Gore, and used as a clarion call. 1 Definition 2 Overview 3 Risks 4 References The critical information infrastructure (CII) is It includes the systems, services, networks and infrastructures that form a vital part of a nation's economy and society, either providing essential goods and services or constituting the underpinning platform of other critical infrastructures.
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