With our smartphones and other devices, we have access to all the knowledge in the world. Knowledge sharing is a thriving economy as well. Sharing technical knowledge for Community radio technicians. Reduce Training Time. Consultancy: This is almost always expensive but it can be very useful. The sharing economy is prized in our culture. It’s about acquiring, sustaining, growing, sharing, and applying information to achieve an organizational impact. Knowledge sharing practice helps organization to improve performance and achieve their mission. However, as you can see in those two examples, water purification and mind reading are more commonly used to express the combination as a whole. Training without knowledge is meaningless because you are memorizing what to do and are unable to adapt because you haven’t fully internalized that knowledge to make it work for you. the amount of money spent each year on training that doesn’t work. Knowledge sharing and information retention is the ultimate objective of every online training course. Training implies practice. Both knowledge and training are needed to advance our careers, especially in sales. We’re still not that good yet! That’s the real challenge of training. Knowledge sharing training sessions facilitate employees in distributing their valuable expertise and experiences to other co-workers, cutting down your business time and costs of having the teams professionally trained. Having the knowledge is only half the equation. That’s why better knowledge management is crucial. When comparing content management vs knowledge management, you could argue that both systems can store a 200-page training document, but only knowledge management systems can help capture the interaction and institutional knowledge that surrounds that document. There’s a huge difference between the knowledge of something and the skills needed to actually DO that something. Training designed by subject matter experts spells disaster in one of two ways: (1) Basic information is left out because the subject matter expert does not recognize what basic means anymore, or (2) the subject matter expert is so hot on their topic that every possible nuance of the topic is included in the training. Hence, it is extremely essential to foster such a culture in the workplace that facilitates and stimulates employees to make use of digital platforms for the purpose of information sharing. It is being identified as an essential constituent for corporate success. The Board nurtures in-house expertise through mentoring and training programs, [...] learning frameworks for professional development, [...] and a variety of knowledge-sharing activities for its [...] staff and Members. Knowledge is defined as the fact or condition of being aware of something. Remember, your sales prospects also have access to the internet, so they can gain the same knowledge as you. It does not equate taking what is in someone’s mind and integrally “installing” it in someone else’s mind. By implication, one can go to a trusted resource, make a query, and gain new knowledge. In order to become the best sales person or client facing person you want to be, you will need to gain knowledge, but the training on how to apply that knowledge in the right situation will allow you to become a more valuable resource to your clients and prospects. The other half if training. cfgb.gc.ca. Explicit Knowledge Sharing and IT. Practice implies doing something over and over again to the point where you can adapt and apply your knowledge in any situation. © 2019 Viddler, Inc. All Rights Reserved Video content subject to copyright by their respective owners. Learn how your comment data is processed. KM & learning, Sharing or transfering knowledge is therefore more a metaphore to distinguish between what someone has thought about before sharing, from handling unprocessed information. that can be in the explicit format (paper, protocols, guidelines etc). Critical knowledge grid The critical knowledge grid2used by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is an excellent tool to map who has the critical knowledge and how much risk there is of losing it. “Viddler” and the Viddler logo are registered trademarks of Viddler, Inc. Viddler, Inc. owns other registered and unregistered trade and service marks. Training allows you to internalize and use knowledge to your (or your company’s) advantage. (In fact, it’s safe to assume they have some knowledge you don’t.) Training implies practice. Knowledge sharing is a deliberate exchange of information that helps with agility and growth. The verb “to train” is defined as, to make prepared (as by exercise) for a test of skill. Lilia Efimova on finding flow, facilitating growth, crossing boundaries, creating spaces and the bigger picture behind all that, http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2002/08/23.html#a157, More on connections between learning and teaching, On learning myths, learning styles and complicated vs. complex. I’ve got multiple lives, in Russia and the Netherlands, as a practitioner, as a scientist, as a mother, as an educator, as a gardener… I write about things that call for it, but somehow it always ends up being about learning, boundary crossing and networked individuals.
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