Manufacturing enterprise in Argentina, favoured by the protection of a high tariff, made noticeable progress in the national capital during the closing years of the last century, especially in those small industries which commanded a secure market. The engineer does not forget at night, or his nature does not, that he has beheld this vision of serenity and purity once at least during the day. He also elaborated on the large number of legal verdicts and judgements pronounced during the … A Cleveland mother had reported an infant child was taken from his crib while napping yet when Howie was able to enter the location before and during the alleged time, there was no sign of the child. He hadn't been able to during their time together when she was a goddess and he her servant. Corrze for the decennial periods during the thirty years Corse (Cc ending 1900 are compared. During the later Roman empire Rhodes was the capital of the province of the islands. During is used to say when something happens; for is used to say how long it lasts.. She was strong for a woman as well, which she'd revealed during their two training sessions. During the 9th and 10th centuries the Netherlands suffered cruelly from the attacks of the Northmen, who ravaged the The in- shores and at times penetrated far inland. The best account of Descartes's mental history during his life in Holland is contained in his letters, which extend over the whole period, and are particularly frequent in the latter half. During the Persian wars he had been banished on suspicion of "medism.". In other languages, such as Spanish, indefinite articles also indicate the gender of a noun. In the hilly city of Fayetteville, that was a threat during any heavy rain. In his youth he was one of the infantes (princes) of Aragon who took part in the dissensions of Castile during the minority and reign of John II. Another disturbing influence has been the high protective tariffs, adopted during the closing years of the century, which increased the costs of living more rapidly than the wages for labour, and compelled thousands of immigrants to seek employment elsewhere. He had probably been hurting during the ride, but refused to say anything. During the two weeks there was a Mexican dinner at the Catholic church, a couple of movies, three evenings at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool and even a day of downhill skiing at Telluride. The son and successor of Agesilaus II., reigned 360-338 B.C. 166 a verse from the oracle was used as an amulet and was inscribed over the doors of houses as a protection, and an oracle was sent, at Marcus Aurelius' request, by Alexander to the Roman army on the Danube during the war with the Marcomanni, declaring that victory would follow on the throwing of two lions alive into the river. In the zymo-technical industries the various species of yeast exhibit different actions during fermentations. During this transfer he felt a little stronger and was able to look about him and even speak. He obtained a great reputation among a certain section and founded a special school, the members of which called themselves Hermagorei. In 1703 she supported the Methuen Treaty, which cemented still further the alliance between Portugal and England, and in 1704 she was appointed regent of Portugal during the illness of her brother King Pedro II., her administration being distinguished by several successes gained over the Spaniards. During the Macedonian supremacy the town passed in turn from Cassander and Demetrius Poliorcetes to Antigonus Gonatas, and finally was incorporated in the Achaean League. Even bread-winners are required to serve, the state pensioning their dependants (75 centimes per diem, up to 10% of the strength) during their period of service. During the three years he held this position he carried out researches on the contact of elastic solids, hardness, evaporation and the electric discharge in gases, the last earning him the special commendation of Helmholtz. Although she is always busing during the week, the teacher is off from work every weekend. Prosecutors said Alex New coaxed two co-defendants into helping him. In the warmest weather I usually placed a pailful in my cellar, where it became cool in the night, and remained so during the day; though I also resorted to a spring in the neighborhood. The judicial powers are vested in a high court and other federal courts, and the federal judges hold office for life or during good behaviour. The progress of her mind during these early years well deserves to be recorded. On the deposition of Charles the Fat in 887 he was excluded from the throne by his youth; but during the reign of Odo, who had succeeded Charles, he succeeded in gaining the recognition of a certain number of notables and in securing his coronation at Reims on the 28th of January 893. In the past many conflicting estimates were made of the character and achievements of the pope during whose pontificate Protestantism first took form. Equally indecisive is the further exploration as to evidence for the opinion held by other naturalists that the endemic species of the different islands have resulted from subsidences, through volcanic action, which have reduced one large island mass into a number of islets, wherein the separated species became differentiated during their isolation. She thought of how she'd felt safe with Jule during their brief encounter. Benjamin Chase, 39, was sentenced to federal prison for two April 2020 bank robberies. Larissa was the headquarters of Ali Pasha during the Greek War of Independence, and of the crown prince Constantine during the Greco-Turkish War; the flight of the Greek army from this place to Pharsala took place on the 23rd of April 1897. An attempt to organize a Hungarian legion during the Crimean War was stopped; but in 1859 he entered into negotiations with Napoleon, left England for Italy, and began the organization of a Hungarian legion, which was to make a descent on the coast of Dalmatia. In return for their more equivocal attitude during the Third Macedonian War they were deprived by Rome of some possessions in Lycia, and damaged by the partial diversion of their trade to Delos (167). He went into exile, and nothing further is heard of him. During the Tertiary period arms of the sea spread into France in the Paris basin from the north, in the basins of the Loire and the Garonne from the west, and in the Rhne area from the south. The Bafing follows a northward course for about 350 m., during which it descends by a series of rapids till it reaches a level of 360 ft. 3 in., from July to October inclusive; and ocean steamers, lightened so as to draw 11-13 ft., during August and September. In England this power was frequently employed during the 18th century and was confirmed by the Post Office Act of 1837; its most notorious use being, perhaps, the opening of Mazzini's letters in 1844. During the next fourteen years he was one of the most conspicuous figures in the parliamentary history of the time. These are recalled twice, in the eleven years during which they are members of the reserve, for refresher courses. From what he'd gleaned from Kisolm and others during his imprisonment, she was new to the planet and their customs. Troy benefited financially by the War of 1812, during which contracts for army beef were filled here. "Helen is in wardrobe," "Mildred is in crib," "Box is on table," "Papa is on bed," are specimens of sentences constructed by her during the latter part of April. Neither mentioned the late night phone call during Edith's nocturnal visit nor Cynthia's sudden, unannounced return. War is the continuity of policies during peace time, and vice versa. He was able to tolerate it for the hour a day during the season when they shot his show. He was high sheriff of Wiltshire during 1647, and displayed much vigour in this office. The best testimony for the behaviour of Orleans during this summer is the testimony of an English lady, Mrs Grace Dalrymple Elliott, who shared his heart with the comtesse de Buffon, and from which it is absolutely certain that at the time of the riot of the 12th of July he was on a fishing excursion, and was rudely treated by the king on the next day when going to offer him his services. He traveled for a day and slid beneath the radars of Qatwal easily, having stolen the codes needed to jam their tracking systems during one of his scuffles with Kisolm. It does not tell us how long it happened. About 1639 he entered upon the career of an itinerant preacher, and for preaching in various parts of Wales he was twice arrested in 1640; however, he was not punished and during the Civil War he preached in and around London. use "during" in a sentence The American military attempted to train bats to carry small bombs during the Second World War. During the war and for years afterwards partisan feeling ran high. I am miserable in your absence yet the simple memory of you is enough to sustain me during those interminably long intervals when we are apart. 2. Mom always used to want everyone home before dark – as though anything was out there at night that wasn't there during the day. During the month of August bands of fanatical rioters in various parts of the country made havoc in the churches and religious houses, wrecking the altars, smashing the images and pictures, and carrying off the sacred vessels and other treasures on which they could lay their hands. during is a preposition which is used before a noun (during + noun) to say when something happens. After, or it may be, during its completion he and she left Umbria for Rome; and there, about the year 34 B.C., he assumed the garb of manly freedom. The real question is whether it can successfully wage a war of public opinion during and after the military conflict. A noun always comes after the word ‘during’. I have given you a little information on the wildlife you might see during your stay here. I've seen a lot during my years as a doctor. Watching Sam drool over him – especially during a job interview – left Carmen feeling uncertain about the girl. As the brother charged with watching over Darian, Dusty had been responsible for keeping the Grey God from killing himself and others during his angry teenager stage. In 1622 the " Leeuwin," or " Lioness," made some discoveries on the south-west coast; and during the following year the yachts " Pera " and " Arnheim " explored the shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria. 3. There are signs of trade with Etruria as early as the 7th century B.C. as a trading port, and became important as a naval harbour during the Punic Wars. During the era of so-called " prosperity " between 1881 and 1890 an enormous amount of bank notes were issued under various authorizations, especially that of the " free banking law " of 1887. As shown below, the subject is commonly a noun , pronoun , … during the Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (1901); Duboux, La Physique de Descartes (Lausanne, 1881); G. The church of the Holy Trinity, mainly Perpendicular, was also partly demolished during the Civil War, but was restored by the countess of Pembroke. Each year there is drawn up in every commune a list of the young men who attained the age of twenty during the previous year. OLAF (II.) "We'll report in excess of $300,000 raised during this quarter". The subject usually appears before the predicate to show (a) what the sentence is about, or (b) who or what performs the action. Whether, as alleged by some, Waynflete fled and hid himself during the period covered by the battle of Wakefield and Edward's fist parliament in 1461, is very doubtful. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. According to the official returns,' the over-sea immigration for the forty-seven years 1857-1903 aggregated 2,872,588, while the departure of emigrants during the same period was 1,066,480, showing a net addition to the population of 1,806,108. she asked. But during the night the fury of the wind increased to such a degree that it thrilled us with a vague terror. During his stay at the Northamptonshire village of Holdenby or Holmby - where Sir Thomas Herbert complains the green was not well kept - Charles frequently rode over to Lord Vaux's place at Harrowden, or to Lord Spencer's at Althorp, for a game, and, according to one account, was actually playing on the latter green when Cornet Joyce came to Holmby to remove him to other quarters. During his residence in Holland he lived at thirteen different places, and changed his abode twenty-four times. Destiny woke several times during the night, but went back to sleep when she saw Carmen was there. During this three-year period, conveniently named by the Chinese "The Three Years of Natural Disasters," no one really knows how many people died; estimates range from fifteen million to a high of more than forty-five million. It used to be customary among Presbyterians to stand during public prayer, and to remain seated during the acts of praise, but this peculiarity is no longer maintained. During the funeral, Carmen stayed by his side. She looked healthier and happier than during their last two encounters, and Linda had let it slip that she and Rainy were talking again. Example sentences with the word at. During in a sentence 1. The history of Jerusalem during the succeeding three centuries consists for the most part of a succession of wars against the kingdom of Israel, the Moabites and the Syrians. Her sense of touch has sensibly increased during the year, and has gained in acuteness and delicacy. by: Joe Gorman. Immediately after his release Kossuth married Teresa Meszleny, a Catholic, who during his prison days had shown great interest in him. Do not talk during the test. Everything he did and said during this endeavor would be under scrutiny. The publication of this work was, however, impeded for some time by differences with the admiralty, during which Forster proceeded to the continent to obtain an appointment for his father as professor at Cassel, and found to his surprise that it was conferred upon himself. HARALDSSON (99510 3 0), king from 1016-1029, called during his lifetime "the Fat," and afterwards known as St Olaf, was born in 995, the year in which Olaf TryggvessOn came to Norway. / During I…‘ because the preposition is always followed by a noun, not a clause with a subject and a verb. One remarkable discovery, however, of general interest, was the outcome of a long series of delicate weighings and minute experimental care in the determination of the relative density of nitrogen gas - undertaken in order to determine the atomic weight of nitrogen - namely, the discovery of argon, the first of a series of new substances, chemically inert, which occur, some only in excessively minute quantities, as constituents of the 1 The barony was created at George IV. Another word for during. Like a TV star that doesn't scale back his expenses after his show is cancelled, these benefits expand, not contract, during periods of economic decline, for two main reasons. During the Reconstruction the people of the South were divided thus: nearly all native whites (the most prominent of whom were disfranchised) on one side irrespective of former political faith, and on the other side the ex-slaves organized and led by a few native and Northern whites called respectively scalawags and carpet-baggers, who were supported by the United States government and who controlled the Southern state governments. CLUB OF THE FEUILLANTS, a political association which played a prominent part during the French Revolution. During what is called the Second Mithradatic War, Murena invaded Pontus without any good reason in 83, but was defeated in 82. He was created a peer of France in 1458, and made governor of Paris during the war of the League of the Public Weal (1465). He takes precedence, Primus inter pares, of all the members, and is recognized as the official head of the Church during his term of office. 12 He had several writings in hand during the early years of his residence in Holland, but the main work of this period was a physical doctrine of the universe which he termed The World. Unquestionably, an extraordinary amount of talent was present during the Renaissance. His second wife had died during this year; in 1656 he married a third, who survived him, Margaret, daughter of Lord Spencer, niece of the earl of Southampton, and sister of the earl of Sunderland, who died at Newbury. "Monarch," of which his uncle Lord Duncan was at that time in command, and in the following year was transferred to the "Foudroyant," on board of which, during the night engagement with the "Pegase," he greatly distinguished himself. That great separation of positive and negative electricity sometimes takes place during rainfall is undoubted, and the charge brought to the ground seems preponderatingly negative. Their approximate form was only arrived at by excavations made during the later years of the 19th century. During all his life Scaurus was a firm adherent of the moderate aristocratical party, which frequently involved him in quarrels with the representatives of the people and the extremists on his own side. During the next ten years (1560-1J70) terrible and horrible things happened in the realm of Muscovy. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. The winds are liable to little variation; they blow from the west, often with great violence, for nine months in the year, and at other times from the north; and they moderate the summer heats, which are chiefly felt during the months of July and August, when the hot winds blow from the coast of Anatolia. In 1340 there were no merchants there, only tenants of lands, but its prosperity increased during the 15th and 16th centuries, and it was assessed at £6:12:8 in 1534. During definition is - throughout the duration of. He also was provost of Edinburgh at various times, and it is a remarkable instance of the esteem in which the lairds of Merchiston were held that three of them in immediate lineal succession repeatedly filled so important an office during perhaps the most memorable period in the history of the city. During the draft riots in July he proclaimed the city and county of New York in a state of insurrection, but in a speech to the rioters adopted a tone of conciliation - a political error which injured his career. The inhabitants sided with Athens during the Peloponnesian War, and during the Roman invasion their city was of considerable importance. The northern part of the Gran Chaco is partly wooded and swampy, and as the slope eastward is very gentle and the rivers much obstructed by sand bars, floating trees and vegetation, large areas are regularly flooded during rainy seasons. Nothing existed around her during that time but numbness. He'd approved all their purchases and talked them out of a few bad ones during the morning. During and after supper, conversation seemed to continually migrate back to Cynthia. The following were the countries sending the largest quantities of goods (special trade) to France (during the same periods as in previous table). She pushed the door closed and stood, shivering, and gazed at the green glow visible even during daylight. Dio Cassius says that Bocchus sent his sons to support Sextus Pompeius in Spain, while Bogud fought on the side of Caesar, and there is no doubt that after Caesar's death Bocchus supported Octavian, and Bogud Antony, During Bogud's absence in Spain, his brother seized the whole of Numidia, and was confirmed sole ruler by Octavian. A'Ran watched her off and on during the several days she spent alone. Sandstorms are common during the Saudi Arabian winter. Napier lived, too, not only in a wild country, which was in a lawless and unsettled state during most of his life, but also in a credulous and superstitious age. He had long hated the Romans, who had taken Phrygia during his minority, and he aimed at driving them from Asia Minor. Let us lead them during the first years to find their greatest pleasure in Nature. He was, after all, taking time off work during the busiest time of the year for an accountant to be with her. Example sentences with the word during. throughout; through. Of late years whaling has again attracted attention, and a small number of vessels prosecute the industry during the season. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. There are theories that the false rule originates with the early usage guides of Joshua Poole and John Dryden, who were trying to align the language with Latin, but there is no reason to suggest ending a sentence with a preposition is wrong. Certain persons in England during the reign of King Henry I. during which it must have been comparatively well populated. During Charles's last illness in 1685 she showed great anxiety for his reconciliation with the Romish Church, and it was probably effected largely through her influence. Sentence Examples I have removed the counter from the site, and am pleased to see a healthy amount of posts in my absence ! Here also stands the mansion erected and occupied by Ferdinand de Lesseps during his residence on the isthmus. The word during is a preposition, not a conjunction. Looking for sentences and phrases with the word during? Feminists complain about segregation between men and women in the workplace. A recent study shows that men who saw a lot of television violence as children were about twice as likely as other men to have pushed, grabbed or shoved their wives during an argument in the year preceding the interview. Sometimes in the south during the cold season they wear a cloak of skin or matting, fastened 'with a skewer, but open on the right-hand side. During July, which is the coldest month in southern latitudes, one-half of Australia has a mean temperature ranging from 45° to 61°, and the other half from 62° to 80°. During this halt the escort treated the prisoners even worse than they had done at the start. He was shot (December 9, 1828), by the order of Lavalle, and during the year 1828 the country was given up to the horrors of civil war. The quaint streets of Pacific Grove were quiet during the weekday, with a small group of women lingering in the midmorning sun at the café on the corner. The moon-god is par excellence the god of nomadic peoples, their guide and protector at night when, during a great part of the year, they undertake their wanderings, just as the sun-god is the chief god of an agricultural people. led to the repulse of the Turks with severe losses; after a second investment, during which Sultan Suleiman I. m., and receives several tributary streams during its course to Keppel Bay.
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