Many of our customers have asked us if we can stock vegan sweets as a wholesaler. The number of people who have adopted a vegan lifestyle have quadrupled in the UK. According to a United Nations reports that was published in 2010, in order to save the world from poverty, hunger and impacts on climate change, a major worldwide shift towards a vegan diet is important. We have simply stated snippets of the speech. Friday-Saturday … While the world still has a long way to go to reverse all the damage we’ve done, many humans today are taking a stand for animals and deciding to opt out of being part of the rampant destruction of the planet, and the global misery of factory farmed animals, by joining the growing numbers who are happily transitioning to a plant-based vegan diet. We are vegans so WE actually TASTE them ourselves, before they make it into our portfolio. © Bulk Wholesale Sweets.Wholesale UK Sweets Online. We’re delighted to stock and ever-growing selection of sweets suitable for vegans. We use the highest grade security. We stock gelatine free marshmallows, vegan gummy bears, dairy free fudge and much more! We are open for walk ins Face Covering Required to enter! At Hancocks, we have an entire range full of wholesale vegan sweets that can help you attract vegans with a sweet tooth into your confectionery shop. Sweet Snacks Please login to view wholesale prices — Minimum wholesale order: £100 (excl. Vegan Foods Wholesale was borne of our commitment to a vegan lifestyle, environmental issues, and social justice. We provide a huge selection of Vegan & Vegetarian friendly sweets available to purchase in pre-made Pick & Mix bags or Create Your Own. Allergen Friendly; Shipping Information; Blog; FAQ's; Terms & Conditions; Contact. Here on our page you can find a range of Vegan sweets and gifts made with only all-natural ingredients. Wholesale. Request Our Printed Trade Brochure And Price List. Vegan whipped topping. Vegan Sweets, Amsterdam, Netherlands. As a wholesaler we only supply to trade customer. Buy wholesale vegan sweets online at competitive trade prices. Vegetarian Sweets | Vegetarian Haribo Sweets | Vegetarian Sweets Wholesale. We are a UK based wholesaler of a wide range of vegan confectionery, including sweets, chocolates and liquorice. heerlijk smeuïge, vegan en glutenvrije sweets te koop bij De Koffiesalon voor een persoonlijke order mail naar Vegan pick and mix sweets. Pick & Mix Shop. Vegan Maple Bacon Donuts Sweet Maple Bacon and Cinnamon Sugar tops these soft delicious Apple Cider donuts. Going vegan doesn’t mean completely abandoning the foods you enjoyed before making the transition. We at Chocobel as a wholesaler don’t necessarily all agree or realise the importance (like many other people) of all the mentioned topics in the speech. Add mixed berries to any cake. Sweet, salty, amazing. We are a UK wholesaler of free from and vegan chocolates, sweets and liquorice. Log In. According to Google search, in the 5 years between 2012 and 2017, the vegan trend has quadrupled and it now a lot more interest than gluten free and vegetarian searches. Check out some of our favourite “accidentally vegan” snacks. Please Read Before Beginning Selection. In 2018 the UK vegan market was estimated to be worth £740m and is expected to grow to £1.1bn by 2023. They contain a variety of goodies, which can include chocolate bars, fudge, toffee and cookies. Unbleached whole wheat flour, coconut maple bacon, raw sugar, coconut butter, apple cider, flax seed, cinnamon. All 100% vegan and all with eco friendly packaging in mind, come get your vegan sweet … It is the lifestyle choice of a large portion of the population. Delicious vegan approved sweets including wine gums and jelly candy meerkats. Chocobel has responded and as a result we now sell wholesale vegan sweets and other vegan products: vegan chocolate, vegan mints, vegan liquorice, vegan boiled sweets, vegan lollipops, vegan Turkish delight, vegan rock sweets, vegan liquorice roots, vegan gummies and jellies, vegan biscuits and wafers, vegan 100% fruit bars, vegan real fruit snacks, vegan chocolate bars, vegan liquorice mints, bubs vegan sweets … FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Fully committed to help businesses cater for vegans. ORDERS: Watch That Sweet Tooth When Embracing Veganism. A sensory overload of sweet-tasting wild blueberry filling, delicious shortbread crust, and an old fashioned coconut/oat crumble on top. Our vegan approved ranges are supplied to us by only the best manufacturers such as Pimlico confectionery, one of the UK's leading candy makers, specialising in bulk vegan sweets. The Home of Vegan Pick & Mix! Please request a copy of our printed brochure now to see our full range of products. The Perfect sweet treat suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Diabetics and Coeliacs! Vegan Treat Boxes are great for discovering new vegan chocolate, sweets and other lovely cruelty-free treats! 49 (£22.63/kg) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Eco-friendly biodegradable plastic free packaging. There is also no denying that the production of meat is a highly inefficient use of grain, water and land that takes up approximately 30% f the earth’s surface. We are open for walk ins Face Covering Required to enter! You had me at Wild Blueberry, VEGAN, and Crumble! We're a family run business with a large 35,000 sqft warehouse based in London, UK. On the other hand, someone following a strict “vegan” diet will avoid eating all animal products AND all animal-derived products, and tends to follow more of a compassionate lifestyle choice, believing that animals should have the same rights as humans. of free from and vegan chocolates, sweets and liquorice. Understandably, many might be confused, so let’s clear this up right now. About. Simply Vegan Sweets online shop the best place to buy veggie, halal, vegan pick and mix, vegan fudge, candy, vegan coconut ice, Turkish delight and vegan chocolate. Thursday 10-4. Sweet Box Gluten Free & Vegan Happy Birthday Gift Box. please inform us of any allergies before ordering. La Bello Vegan Sweets. Many products on store shelves are unintentionally vegan. For instance, while someone following a vegetarian diet would not eat any meat whosoever, being labelled a “vegetarian” is considered more “middle of the road”, because many vegetarians will still eat by-products derived from animals, such as milk, cheese products, and eggs. September 16th - January 6th 2021 Hours: Monday/Tuesday CLOSED. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive discounts and new product launches! Nearys sweets have over 30 different vegan sweets, we use no plastic throughout our supply chain. vat), delivered via DPD!*. Working together, they made it their mission to provide others with cruelty free sweets that caused no harm to animals or the environment. Chocobel is a wholesaler and also supplies a large range of vegan sweets to retailers on websites. Therefore, when considering every aspect of the vegan lifestyle, make sure that the store where you buy your sweets has access to a wholesaler of vegan sweets because to be vegan, the sweets must contain no milk, dairy, honey or animal gelatine. Some of the products we sell are ideal for children. Only top-notch, 100% vegan products (no traces of dairy or eggs here!) Buy branded bulk confectionery and wholesale sweets online, choosing from our massive, competitively priced range. 56% of UK adults have tried vegetarian or meat-free food from January – July 2018. Find out how to place your first order by clicking on the How to order tab. Shopping Options. Filter Showing 25 - 48 of 60 products. 0. The bottom line here is that we are literally killing ourselves and our Mother Earth by continuing to consume factory farmed animals. Wednesday APPOINTMENT ONLY. With the rise of wholesale dietary approved offerings with the UK market, we're also pleased to introduce a selection of sweets that are suitable for vegans. In a world facing growing water constraints, and farming utilizing approximately 92% of our freshwater, how does it make sense to continue with livestock farming that consumes 30% of our total water supply? Wholesale Vegan Sweets 77 products Veganism in the UK is growing at an exponential rate. While many may argue that meat is killing us, there is no denying that livestock farming contributes to the degradation of land and pollution of water, deforestation, increase of greenhouse gases and acid rain. Serving Size 1 Donut Per Serving % Daily Value Calories 40 Calories from Fat 15 Total Fat 3g 4% Saturated Fat 3g 3% Cholesterol… View more. VAT & delivery) — Request a wholesale account here My Account Menu Toggle We select ONLY the highest quality foods and drinks. vat) and FREE delivery on orders over £100 (ex. You can buy our vegan confectionery pre-packed or in bulk at competitive wholesale prices. There has been a sharp rise in veganism. These come in wholesale bulk bags and we plan to continue to add to our range of vegan sweets and candy. Vegan Sweets Shop. What is Vegan? What’s the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan? Selling vegan products creates new sales opportunities for you. Established in 2019, our family owned business set out to provide delicious Vegan sweets with taste that could fool even our non-vegan friends. Part of our extensive range of dietary specific confectionery options, our vegan selection of wholesale sweets features an exciting variety of treats that range from novelty lines to seasonal sweets or pick and mix options. Huge 1.2KG and 2KG sweet bags. We believe that your dietary requirements should never prevent you from eating the sweets that you love. More than a billion farmed animals are killed every year in slaughterhouses throughout Great Britain. Vegetarian sweets have one purpose here at Monmore Confectionery - to make sure you can still enjoy your favourite sweets. Our knowledgeable team are always here to help with any questions that you may have. Our vegan approved ranges are supplied to us by only the best manufacturers such as Pimlico confectionery, one of the UK's leading candy makers, specialising in bulk vegan sweets. Display: 24 per page **Please note that we are wholesalers and we supply to trade only. £12.49 £ 12. Wholesale Vegan Sweets 65 products With the rise of wholesale dietary approved offerings with the UK market, we're also pleased to introduce a selection of sweets that are suitable for vegans. Got an event? 879 likes. We are pleased to be working with confectionery manufacturers that are producing high quality sweets that are approved for vegans. We feel compelled to spread those benefits to all Canadians by introducing affordable, plant-based food products to a rapidly-emerging market. Also according to Google searches in January 2019, the top ten “most vegan” countries reveal Australia as #1, with the United Kingdom a close #2, followed by New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Israel, the US, Ireland, Austria and Germany. Please always provide our product references when ordering and quote your customer number if you have one. Not only are there many articles being posted about the vegan lifestyle choices, there are now so many easy to find vegan books, guides, cooking classes, and online recipes, and entire aisles in the local market being dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, and you don’t have to give up your sweet tooth, either because there are now online resources where you can buy vegan sweets. Short of going off the grid, drastically reducing your own personal meat consumption by becoming a vegan is a very effective action an person can take to help reduce green house gas emissions. If the entire world embraced veganism, greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by two thirds, which would avoid frightening climate change damages, and lead to $1.5 trillion in healthcare-related savings. We specialise in absolutely everything to do with sweets, chocolates, fudge, American sweets, gifts and much, much more! Ready made vegan pick and mix sweet bags. In another report in 2019, asking people to eat less dairy products and meat products to contribute to combat climate change. All packed in 100% Zero Waste Packaging. Having been vegetarian and vegan for over 15 years and finding that she was struggling to find new and exciting vegan sweets, she decided to take action.