Methodology. Biology is a natural science that is concerned with the structure, function and evolution of various life forms, and encompasses an enormous field of science. Master's degrees in biology or teaching are not required to teach biology in middle or high school, but some school districts encourage it. No matter the reason you want to become a nurse with a biology degree, just know it is possible. Most students can complete the 120 credits of coursework required for the average online bachelor’s degree in biology in four years. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. There are many concentrations within the field, including microbiology, marine biology, genetics, forensic biology, and environmental biology. Perhaps you have a degree in biology, but aren’t sure if working in a science- or biology-related field is the right choice for you. The MA in Biology degree is a 36-credit program that does not require a thesis, but students enrolled in this program are not eligible for the Ph.D. program offered by the University's Department of Biological Sciences. I wanted something that would be a good career path with potential to grow. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Biology is a well respected degree choice, and offers the chance to get up close and personal with all matter of human, animal and cell life. Famous people with biology degrees. Christine Poon, the vice-chairman of Fortune 500 company Johnson Johnson, studied for a bachelor’s degree in biology and later a master’s degree … Graduates of advanced degree programs in molecular and cellular biology may choose to become instructors. Textbook and Instructional Materials Sales Rep . In this case, you may need to sell your skills and experiences to employers who have little concern for the interplay of animal species or the interworking of the human body. Though a biology degree does involve the study of living organisms -- frogs included -- there is so much more to this field than just formaldehyde and frog's legs. Just because your degree is in biology, doesn’t mean you have to follow one specific, niche career path.If wearing a lab coat and squinting at a microscope lens is not your first choice, there are many other skills learned in biology that can transfer to various jobs across throughout the field. There are plenty of careers available to biology students, but since there isn’t a single obvious path, sometimes it can be problematic deciding what to do after graduating. Degree: B.S. One thing that no one ever does - USE YOUR UNIVERSITY'S CAREER CENTER!!! If you have not yet taken any Chemistry courses, note that every Biology and Microbiology major requires a minimum of 5 semesters as you progress through the chemistry and biochemistry coursework series. Many bioscience and biology degrees will offer a broad choice of modules in the first year, with the chance to specialise and focus on one area in the second and third years, this can be a good option if you haven't decided on a specialist area, or would like to keep some flexibility in your studies. And best of all, says biology graduate Alyssa DiGiacomo, you don't need to pursue a doctoral degree—another common myth among students seeking biology careers in healthcare—to have a wide range of healthcare career possibilities to consider. Interesting and Compatible Subjects. The degree outcomes for both online and on-campus programs are the same, and both types of program are equally intensive. The additional preparation can lead to more opportunities, including teaching biology at a community college, as well as increased pay. Why not? Bachelor's degree – now what? With a Master in Biology, you will investigate the study of life. But that doesn't mean you can't pursue such an internship now or even after you graduate. I mean what job can I get now, right away with a bio degree? Biology is the study of life. Linda Crampton has an honors degree in biology. Yes No. I ended up going on about 3-4 interviews before I received my acceptance letter. 200 characters left . And many of the occupations associated with a biology degree also have a higher median wage. Upon completion, students have many of the requirements needed to continue into medical careers, law school, or the field of forensic biology. Math can be useful in analyzing population data in biology. Fortunately, you can still sell your useful skills to many employers. Thanks! These jobs would not necessarily have to be restricted to science-based employers. From the prestige of the Marquette name, to the fact you will earn a master’s in nursing in less than two years, Marquette University’s Direct Entry MSN program gives you the opportunity you have been looking for. Read full guide. Each course is a prerequisite for the next, and you cannot take any of these courses simultaneously. To qualify, you must have a bachelor's degree and complete a teacher preparation program. Now that's variety. As a biology major, for instance, you may not have even considered doing an internship with a PR firm or publishing company. If you enjoy biology but not sure which area of this vast subject to specialise in, a broad-based biology course may suit you. I want to become an NP but Im looking at most sights and it looks like I need to get an additional bachelors degree in nursing in order to get a masters degree in nursing then become an NP. Actor Lisa Kudrow, or Phoebe from Friends, studied biology at Vassar College in New York, obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Biology majors are prepared for educator roles, environmental and wildlife management, research positions, professional degrees and graduate programs. The links below contain downlodable, printer-friendly 4-year plans and our current degree requirements: Posted on 1st of April 2019 Written by. MemoryCatcher, via pixabay, CC0 public domain license. Submit. Daniel says biology degree recipients tend to have marketable skills in both science and math, which is a winning combination for many employers, and this skill set is something degree … Thanks to technological advances, many biology degrees are even available online, complete with virtual simulations of laboratory tasks. Nearly 52 percent of public school teachers have a master's degree, reports Face the Facts. PhD not the only path. … in Biology, Elon University (1998) Current job: Health care practice lead at communications firm, WCG I interned at a veterinary hospital after my junior year in college. Megan Labudde completed her undergraduate biology degree knowing that she wanted to end up in the medical field; she just wasn’t sure what her exact role would be. It's there for a reason. I used mine between a year off from undergrad and my first year of grad school. Advertisement. Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts allows students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in forensic biology that thoroughly integrates research with classroom work. It is a very broad and diverse field. Anyone who has ever tried to persuade a child to do anything he or she doesn't want to do can verify that it isn't an easy task. In general, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology is a degree conferred upon students who have majored in Biology but have also pursued a general and comprehensive liberal arts degree. Royal Society of Biology . A-levels usually studied. Click on the tabs below for more insight into course structures, specializations and career paths. You must also pass the Praxis Core Academic skills for Educators and Praxis Subject Assessments Elementary Education tests. Two years in lab and two years clinical. Whether you have a degree in biology, business or what have you, these programs can offer a bachelor’s degree in less time than a traditional program because they allow you to apply previous coursework toward prerequisite requirements. 12. As any employer will tell you, appropriate experience will make up for the wrong degree or even surpass the right one. Plenty of opportunities await after graduation, but which one is right for you? Ask a Question. She has taught high school biology, chemistry, and science as well as middle school science. In addition to their Biology and related science classes, these students have likely also taken courses in the humanities, foreign language, social sciences and or the arts. You can find a job as an aquarist if you hold a bachelor's degree in marine biology, although you typically also need to be a certified diver. Now, I'm trying to finish an MLT program. I have a bio degree with 4 years of reseach. Biology degrees contain a wide variety of modules, ensuring that you can study something that really interests you and making it a good choice for keen scientists. Biology degrees are extremely diverse – ‘biology’ or ‘biological sciences’ covers a wide array of specialist subjects. While managers often need a bachelor's degree, it may not have to be in a particular major. Best matching degrees Probably no surprises here. They must be very persuasive, maybe even as much as a salesperson. This guide should help you think about the skills you have, the jobs they can be applied to, and the options available. During her first stint in college, nursing wasn’t stressed as a career option for biology majors, so she contemplated other paths like becoming a doctor or physician assistant. Those who earn a degree in biology will have the opportunity to study living organisms to gain a clear understanding of how humans, plants, animals, and microscopic bacteria operate. There are so many things to do with a biology degree- from a lab tech in industry to working for the state as a field sampler. Iowa State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology through its interdepartmental undergraduate Biology Program. The MS in Biology 30-hour research degree, however, does require a thesis dissertation. Once you’ve taken the time to gain a solid understanding of what biology is and the variety of career paths it makes available to you, the next step is finding a high-quality bachelor of science in biology program that will be the best fit for your goals. Yet teachers do that every day. From anatomy to ecology and microbiology to zoology, the course options available for those interested in pursuing studies in biology are extremely wide-ranging. I don't have experience in research or some direct bio field. Then consider a Master in Biology, a degree program that can advance your career to the next level. It is a natural science. Oceanographer. Biology Teacher. Students doing a similar combo of A-levels typically chose to study these degree subjects: Medicine A broad understanding of how the human body works to diagnose, treat and manage medical conditions, with opportunity to specialise in an area. So, if you are interested in understanding how life works, and want a good job to boot, then check out the 30 Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology! Here we look at the pros and cons of some of the most popular choices for life after completing a bachelor’s degree. The National University Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Program. Biology is the study of living things from tiny micro-organisms, plants and animals to human beings. If you want to become an oceanographer, you may need to receive training in mathematics and chemistry along with your marine biology education. Consisting of 120 credit hours, students can complete this degree within four years (8 semesters) to pursue a wide variety of career options. So you want to study biology…Duh! How long does it take to earn my biology degree online? In fact, I consider it as the science of the 21st century.